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My Eyes Playing Tricks?

Hey all…im gonna tell u guys 2 incidents which happened to me.

Once i was abt to take my shower but before dat, i did my business. I was thinking to flush it down later so i went in the shower and drawn the shower curtains. But then, i drew the shower curtains back open n stared at the toilet bowl flush n thought that should i flush it now or later n then suddenly…it flushed by itself!! I’m not kidding. It really did n i was shouting for my mum but she didnt hear it. So then anyways i guess it was either a good spirit or my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Once i was on my way to school, i was at the lift landing n usually (i used to live in bedok reservoir where u can see alot of planes flying by) i used to stand at the corridor n watch the planes fly by n this time i saw an UFO!!!! I cudnt believe my eyes…n it was hovering cuz planes do not hover and this was!! And i hid cuz i didnt want the aliens to capture me..I was very scared n the lift came so i went into the lift n tried to be calm..When i reached school n told my friends…they did not believe me!!

So pls believe my stories and hope they don’t happen to you

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