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It was June holiday. My cousin, my brother and I planned to sleep at our grandparents house for a week. My cousin was a girl aged 11 and my brother was 9.

That night, at about 10pm, our grandmother told us to go to sleep. We told our grandmother that we had plan not to sleep that night, but she objected. So, we pretended that we are sleepy and went to bed. When our grandmother had fallen asleep, we woke up and watch the TV.

By that time, it was 12 midnight. The cuckoo-clock chime 12times. All of a sudden, we heard a frightening kind of laughter. It was like a pontianak’s laughter. My cousin screamed. I told her to shut up or our grandmother will wake up. I told my cousin and my brother to say the prayers aloud. After that the laughter was fading. My mum once said that if the sound of the laughter was fading, that means the ‘thing’ was coming nearer, so I ordered my cousin and my brother to say the prayer louder. Suddenly, the lights went out. All I know is that when I wake up, it was in the morning. We(my cousin, my brother and me) decided to tell our grandmother about that ‘thing’ but she said it was nothing.

So, never be like us. Always obey your elder

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