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Bukit Timah Hills

What i am going to tell you is going to freak you out… You have heard of Bukit Timah hills rite? Yes. I and my friends went hiking there once. Our first trip and our very last there. I went with two other friends. We took the toughest route as we were experienced hikers. The route has many humongous drains and unused bomb shelters. The drains had a huge opening about 3 metres wide and 3 metres tall. The opening had a old rusty grill to close it up as the hole beneath it was too big and you could get stuck there. The unused bomb shelters were rusty and dripping of liquid. It started to freak us up as it was really quiet and kind of eerie.

Then, my friend, Keyla screamed and pointed to an opening. Wax was dripping from the top of the opening forming the words: You are going to be DEAD! Keyla turned pale. She muttered,” Sheena!!! Sheenaaaa…. SHeena is here!!!” “What?!” i cried. “Let me tell you a story. Sheena is my brother’s ex- girlfriend who died here. She had done suicide becoz my brother broke up with her. Now she has cum to kill us! Kill me! and my brother!!!” she cried. “HAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAA!!!!” a thin wobbly voice screeched. ” Im going to get you… … Keyla… You were supposed to be my friend… and you didn’t tell me… that Kenneth… did not like me… i wasted my love on him… my time… my feelings… now im still devastated… only revenge… REVENGE!! REVENGE!!! can satisfy me…” the voice spat out. ” NO!!! I didn’t know. I didn’t know!! You cant force a person to love you. You shouldn’t have suicide!!! you should have talked to Kenneth!!” Keyla screamed. “NO!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! i dun care! I WANT REVENGE!! REVENGE!!” Sheena trilled. “ARRGHHHH!!! we screamed. And we ran for our lifes as trees fell behind us as Sheena tried to use them to knock us down. A tree blocked us now. What could we do? I scrambled over it and ran all the way home.

Till today, i do not dare to step foot into Bukit Timah hill. Do not go there as Sheena is still looking for someone to take revenge on.

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