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Pontianak in A Primary

We are told that if it is raining in the morning, we must assemble to our own classroom. That time was 7.12am while I was walking straight to my own classroom. I spotted someone running very fast in my classroom from far. I thought that could be Nazri chasing someone as he is one of the mischievous boys. So, I ignored them and start walking again. Again, I paused and saw that that guy wasn’t Nazri. It was someone else. I paused for a very long time. I was alone on the 4th floor of the school. Of course every single classes have their lights and fans on. But I didn’t hear anything at all. Of course there must be someone laughing or talking or rounding around on the 4th floor. But it was absolutely silent and was dim. I was shaking and feeling hair-raising. I gathered my courage and went straight into the classroom.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a woman with a long hair, wearing a white dress with blood stains on it. It was standing still at the corner of the classroom looking pale and with angry expression. I rush out of the classroom and went straight to the hall. I saw my friends and my teacher there.

They was suprised to see me with a pale on my face. My friends questioned me a lot of things. I ignored them. My teacher was also the same as my friends. She was agitated and it irritates me. I told everything to them. Most of them looks frightened and some tried to interrupt me. They want proof so I brought them to the classroom. But there was no sign of the woman. My classmates and teacher giggled and laughed at me. But I don’t lose face cause that really happened and I’ll never dare to forget it. That will be my new memorial. – True Story

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