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Story at ATC

This stories was told by my CI(cadet inspector) which happend long time ago at pulau ubin. If u guyz wonder what ATC means, it means adventure training camp. During the 2nd night, my CI decided to tell me n my group a story which happen at ATC.. As u all know tat pulau ubin is a dirty place like kampongs n incase u want to know where tis story happens, it happens at the green house (its located near us where my CI told us tis story).

Here it goes: This incident happen a long time ago before i was born maybe perhaps 20 years back. There is this brave CI who wanted to investigate a case of a missing CI at the green house( he’s the only person who dares to go inside there by himself). In this green house, there is a big hole inside which they name the “black house” (its actually a big dark hole which leads to nowhere) It is said that this missing CI went inside the hole n he was nowhere to be found after that. To make sure that this brave CI will not gone missing again, a long rope was use n was tied to the brave CI n the rope was hold by another CI. So the brave CI went in n as he went deeper n deeper, the rope got loosen. The rest of the CIs knows tat something was not right. Yes! the brave CI got lost. It is not wat the rest of the CIs expected. Everybody was shocked n dont know wat to do.

That was wat happen a long time ago n incase u guyz want to know how is it feel to be in that hole, feel free to do so!!!

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