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Pulau Tekong

1st quater 1997, I was doing my BMT at Camp 3 in Pulau Tekong. According to the rule, after the lights off, everyone was to be ‘aslept’ and there should be no movement at all. Everyone would then just slept obediently with the mosquito net pulled over the bed as the sergeants might hop up anytime and the violaters would be punished.

At this fine night, just not long after the lights off, I was still awoke at the upper deck of my double deck bed, recapping the day passed when suddenly I heard the sounds of the boots walking into the bunk and stopped short at X’s bed which was opposite to mine. Following were exchanges of talk (questions and answers type). Though I couldn’t make out what the conversation was about, I could easily recognised it to be one of my sergeant. I continued to ‘sleep’ and after a few minutes, the conversation ended and my ‘sergeant’ left.

The next morning, I asked my buddy if he awared that yesterday night this particular sergeant came up and talked to X, he concurred as he heard too. Then came the shocking part, we asked X but he adamently denied that anyone came to talk to him during the night. We asked other bunkmates and strangely they were all oblivious about it. Lastly, we checked with the supposed sergeant himself and he too denied ever coming up the bunk the previous night.

That was really freaking as only me and my buddy heard the boots sounds and the talkings.

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