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Lab At Night

This incident happen to me when i was studying sec 4 at Bedok secondary school. It was during one of the holidays when the school is totally empty. My group of friends together with me where having our daily night gathering at around 8, we were suppose to meet for supper. Nothing happen yet until one of my friend suggested visiting the school. We all thought it would be fun to own the school for a night.

When we reach there, we head for the lab, as it is rumored to be the most haunted place in school. When we reach there, we saw a white figure wearing a lab jacket doing some experiments. We were puzzled and decide to check it out.

We could not do so when we found out that the doors are locked. No matter how hard we knocked on the window, we still couldn’t get the notice of the white figure inside the lab in complete darkness.

Soon, our minds all began to think of something…. GHOST!!!!! We all rushed out of the school, but in different direction. I did not care of anything else, just straight home.

……… guess what happen…

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