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Changi Hospital

It was during the 1 week holz tis yr in march. My frenz and i decided to go to old changi hospital as we heard that it was haunted.

Equipped with torches and some holy stuff, we went to that hospital. We had 2 climb a steep slop to enter the hospital. It looked so spooky from outside!! We then entered. The place looked very old. 1st we patroled the 1st floor and then proceeded to the 2nd floor.

At the 3rd floor, we heard a girl and a boy shoutin. We saw no one and became scared. When we walked past a room (2nd floor) the door just slammed shut. It freaked me out. We also heard trolleys being pushed. We saw a lot of rooms with the pantagram drawings. Feeling scared, we proceeded 2 the 4th floor. Suddenly my friend said,” hey…can heard sumone walking…” thinking it was the security guard, we dashed down and out of the place n i was kinda sad as there was one more floor to explore.

After we got out of that place, my other friend told me that at the 4th floor…he could see a cloudy figure starring at us from on top….so we n sum more of my friends are goin back there during the june holz to find a ans……….

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