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Last night, or should i say this morning at about 1:30 am, i was trying to sleep… However, i had a very uneasy feeling… Being scared, i didn’t move, covered myself under the blanket and closed my eyes… Finally i had guts to open my eyes. There was nothing. So i thought everything was ‘normal’ but i was wrong…i faced the television in my room and i remembered funny and romantic memories..

Suddenly, there was a sound. Thud.. i thought it was just my imagination so i dismissed the thought. Then i heard it again! Loud and clear! I wasn’t dreaming! I wanted to run into my parent’s room and scream but i was petrified. No voice came outta my mouth! I looked around the place and figured that nothin’ has dropped. The sound was like something hitting against the cupboard.. I saw my chair moved! I prayed to god for help and i plucked up enough courage to run across the chair and into my parent’s room. Too bad my dad didn’t believe me… However for no reason, there were tears in my eyes. Finally my dad gave in and slept in my room. I slept in his place beside my mum… I’m wondering if this is related to the time i went in to that haunted house… If so how would i get rid of it???

So please to those who are planning to visit these spooky places. Think twice before stepping in… or u may end up like me…

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