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Ngee Ann Sec Nightmares

This story was told by friend who was skooling in Ngee Ann.

It was at about 2 a.m in the morning, my friend was having their orientation camp. All of them were fast asleep except for some students who had to do their night walk. It was nitemares to them when they saw a white cloth flying outside the technical block. They shine their torch light to see wat was the flying object. To their shock they saw a lady flying without a leg.

They thought it was just a halucination. But they were was a pontianak. They did not dare to shout or ran away because they were froze by the pontianak. All they did was chantin prayers hoping the thing would go did..and they thought that it was safe to ran away now.

While running, one of the chinese boy heard a dripping sound inside the technical block. They decided to get more people to the technical block. One of my friend did not believed what was told by the other student. He decided to go in and see wat was the dripping noise. To his shocked, it was a blood dripping from a was horrible. The next day he had a high fever….to all the NASS student don’t go near the technical block when doing your nite walk…

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