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Pontianak In The Lift

One Day, I and my mother goes to my aunty house. We go there because they were doing a big party. It was about midnight when we go home from that house.

When go reach under our block, it was already 12 midnight exactly. The wind blew. It was very cold night. My mother ask me to take letters from the letterbox while my mother go up to our house. I was shivering with cold. After I took all the letters, I take the lift to go to my house. It was at 16th storey.

When the lift started to move up, I felt very uneasy as if someone was grabbing me. It was so tight that I can’t even move. I close my eyes and recite some prayers. After reading some prayers, I am free but when I looked out of the lift, I saw a white cloth flying around. I read more prayers this time.

When I reach the 16th floor, I quickly ran out of the lift and headed straight to my doorstep. I knocked the door like a mad dog. When I went in the house, I told my mother everything. She told me that a few months ago, someone was murdered in the lift. From now onwards, I will not get in the lift all alone in the night.

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