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Well here goes… Well I was in sec 3 back then. My family n I went to KL for our holiday.

I never thought that hotel can be haunted. Or so I thought. My family had make reservation to a familiar hotel we always stayed. That night, my family and I just came back from shopping till late @ night.

I was the first to enter the room when suddenly I felt a chill, like someone was entering the room. I brushed it aside as I was tired. After washing up, everyone went to bed. I slept near the window. All I wanted was to have a gd rest before tomorrow.

A few hours later, I was awaken by a noise. I opened my eyes n what I saw beside me was something that I could never forget. A pontianak was beside me, floating in the air. I couldn’t shout or say a word to my parents.

It was so frightening. Her long nails n long hair n those red eyes! I just covered myself with blanket, praying hard that it would just go away. Eventually, i fell asleep.

Next morning I told my parents abt it. They too felt that eerie chill that I felt but didn’t say a word abt it, not wanting to frightened my brother n sister.

(I think I was the unlucky one that night coz I’m a light sleeper!)

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