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The Old Lady At Bukit Gombak Quarry

This story was told to me by a friend of mine, S. S was walking through Bukit Gombak quarry in front of Lianhua Primary heading towards Alif Restaurant. At around two in the morning, S was confronted by an old lady. She asked S whether he had seen her grandchild. She continued that her grandchild was swimming in the quarry and she had not gone home. S just replied back to her and said he had not seen her grandchild.

S just said goodbye to her and continued to walk on. The next moment she was already in front of him. S was already terrified and scared. So S pluck up courage and continued talking to her. She still asked S the same question and again S said no. S just quickly walk away and began to increase his walking speed.

When S had walked, he turned to look at the old lady but she was not there. S began to shiver with cold sweat. When S turned back he saw the old lady in front of him with her back facing him.

Suddenly she turned her head towards S. And what hell of a scene it was. The lady was actually a ‘pontianak’. She had the most horrifying and gruesome face. S was stucked rooted to the ground. Then he felt that god was sparing his life and he ran all the way to the restaurant so fast that he could beat ‘UK Syam’.

The next day he had a terrible fever and it lasted for one week.

To readers out there becareful when you are walking at Bukit Gombak Quarry. That place is famous for its ghosts… espescially the Old Lady…

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