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The Girl Under My Flat

This is what I saw when I was 5 years old. People might find that it’s ridiculars as it has been 9 years ago. However, I still remember the incident…

It was the 7th month when the good brothers come out to look for food. Unfortunately, 1 came to me… A female one.

I saw it on the 1st day of the month. A female ghost has been around the house carpark. She wears a long white skirt and her hair was long too. She waved to me when I walked past, I was terrified that I hugged on to my Mum and went home.

I too was a little worried as I wonder will it come to my room at night. Then I looked out of the window, I saw her waving to me again! I rushed to tell my Mum about it and she was also worried about me as I have dreams about ghosts and she had to take me to the temple to drive them away.

This time Mum did not asked me anything and she went to a drawer and took some joss sticks and hell bank notes out. She asked me to go down with her. At first I was reluctant to do that, but I still went down for the sake of myself.

When I was downstairs, my Mum asked me where I saw the ghost and she placed the offerings on the spot. My Mum ordered me to offer joss sticks to her and ask her not to come and harass me again. I did as I was told and prayed hard to her.

We went back home and Mum asked me to look outside the window to see if she was there. I looked outside and saw the female ghost in a nice outfit. She seems to be very happy and she waved to me and smiled. Her waving this time seems like saying goodbye, and I could see her disappearing slowly until she was gone.

From that day onwards, I did not see her anymore. I also hope that she will be having a better life in another world.

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