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I would like to tell a real ghost story happen to me. One night on thursday night at around 11 p.m, i sleep at my friend house as it was march holiday. I was thirsty so I go to the kitchen and search for a drink. But when i open the refrigerator, i was surprise. There’s nothing to drink, so i take my money and go and buy coca-cola at the 7-eleven.

The 7-eleven was quite far and i have to walk all the way there. As i was walking, i saw a women combing her hair but i can’t see her face as she was combing her hair downward but who want to go in the middle of the night i though, so i just ignore her and continue to walk.

About 2 min later, i saw that women again outside the 7-eleven but how can she walk so fast as i speak in my heart. I just saw her at the park just now and i haven even reach 7-eleven and how can she walk more faster than me. Then i try to talk to that women and when i called her ‘MISS’ she look at me and i started to shout because her face has blood on her eyes and mouth . When i look down, she have no leg and i quickly run for my life.

When i reach home, i wake my friend up and i told her about the incident. Surprisely, my friend also shock and tell me that the park was haunted because there a women who was pregnant and her boyfriend ditch her and go with another girls so she was upset and killed herself. I speak to my friend how did he know so much. He said that the women was her sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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