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The Third Eye

I have a friend who has third eye. One day, while we were in school doing our work, my friend’s face expression suddenly changed to fear. I asked her repeatedly wat was wrong but she told me everything was fine. However, looking at her terrified look, I did not believe her. Therefore I continued asking her what was wrong.

After asking for a long time, she finally revealed what was wrong. She told me that she saw a ‘wayang’ bending down and peering at our work. In fact, she saw 5 more outside our classroom. A ‘wayang’ is actually someone who performs in something which is like a chinese opera. The ‘wayangs’ were wearing their costumes and had make-up on their faces.

I didn’t know my friend had thrid eye until that very day. She admitted to me that she realised she had third eye at a young age when she saw some wandering ghosts.

Till this day, I still tremble when I think of the ‘wayang’ peering down to look at me……. Can you imagine the terror of my friend when she actually saw that!?

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