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Strange Happening

This story happened 2 years ago when I jus went through puberty.

I was alone in the house at night. My family had gone to my grandparents house. I was playing the computer, surfing the internet for porn when suddenly I heard sounds of climax. It was coming from my sister’s room. I was curious and went up to my sister’s room and checked it out.

I was damn shocked to see 2 white figures on my sister’ bed. One was male while the other was female from wad i think. Believe it or not……. they were having sex. The next thing that happened was that the ghost seemed to turn around to look at me… I was rooted to the ground… I dare not move… Suddenly, the two figures just disappeared into thin air… I was standing there for abt two minutes before i got the courage to switch on the lights to the room…

I looked on the bed but it was as neat as how my sister left it… but… the shocking part was that there were sticky liquid on the bedsheet… I got really scared and ran to the telephone to call my parents… After calling, i went back to look at the bedsheet but nothing was on it now… I told my parents abt the whole thing and they scolded me for watching porn and toking nonsense…They did not believe a word i said…

I kinda regretted for my actions that night… My msg is… don’t watch porn at night, this is something that happen to me….

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