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This incident happens just recently, my aunty was being possessed by a msyterious ‘thing’. The story begins like this.

One day, my uncle called my family and said that his wife is being possessed by something he could not see. He told us that whenever she throws a tantrum in the house, she would throw glasses and plates out of the windows. She kepts throwing those things until the police came and knock on the door. When my aunt opens the door, the policeman was shocked. He could feels goosebumps appearing over his body!

And a few days later, my grandparents brought her home and find someone who could cure her. I can still remember on that particular Wednesday, I came over with my mum and when we reach there, I saw her talking to the person who came to cure her. When she saw us, she stared at us with her eyes big open. I was very shocked because I cannot recognised her face. I mean her face was totally different from usual! Even I could feel goosebumps all over my body! The thing was very strong! It would not let go of my aunty!

And the next day, another person came to cure her. And this time, I don’t dare to watch her. And if I’m not wrong, she was being cured by the lady. Now my aunt is in her normal self again but I can’t forget the incident.

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