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My Tale

Sometimes when we are sleeping, we dream of the wierdest things. But sometimes we could also dream of the scariest things. The worst of it all is if the dreams came true.

Back then, my godbrother was a good guy. Eventhough he is a gang member, he is a good guy. He would protect me. He is also quite popular with girls. There would also be jealousy. People tend to be jealous of him and his look.

It was a friday night, my godbrother and me was having some drinks at a nearby coffee-shop. It was getting late and he had to leave after an urgent call. I decide to foot in the bill. As he left, he said he pay me back.

That night i could’nt sleep. Images of my godbrother haunted me. I would wake up in cold-sweat. I felt uneasy the whole night. It was 3am in the morning when my hp rang. It was Di, my godbrother’s sister. She was crying. My godbrother had died. Died in his sleep. I quickly went to his house. His family were still crying as i entered his room. His father and a doctor was talking at the corner. I approached my godbrother body. He was cold stiff. I notice that his hand was holding something. I tried to open it but his body was frozen solid. I tried again and this time it revealed money. The exact amount he owe me…

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