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J’s Boyfriend

Would you people believe me if i say that my friend, J once had a boyfriend… What’s so special about having a boyfriend you might ask. Well this boyfriend of J is dead…and was dead when she dated him.

J met him when she was at the beach. Her parents were giving her a hard time and the ‘O’ levels were coming. She was there crying when he laid his hands on her shoulder and asked her if she was okay. The moment J looked into his eyes, she knew she could trust him and told him everything.

They started dating. But there was something strange about N. ( J’s boyfriend) He refuse to go out with J after dawn. They would only go out after the sun has set. J passed her ‘O’ levels. N took her to his house as a way of celebrating her results. That was when J lost herself to N. Nuttin’ about the way he held her, kissed her and consoled her when she was in pain was…different. He felt like a human when he was inside her and when he finally finished and smiled at her and claimed her mouth, slipping his tongue inside her once again…he felt like a human.

N sent her home late that night. He gave her a beautiful diamond locket that held his picture and her picture. He kissed her goodbye on the front of her house and left with a sad smile on his face.

The next day, J called N. N’s father picked up the phone. What she heard next left her shocked. N has been dead for over 5 years now and before he died, he had promised his family that he would bore his family a heir when he finds someone whom he truly love and will always love.

How do i know this? Cuz i and here typing and at the same time holding the locket my dear N gave me before he left. If i could meet him again…i wish to tell him that i have given birth to a bounchy baby boy who looks exactly like him. I love you, N

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