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Living With The Unseen

I wonder why sometimes people can see things while others can sense it. Maybe it’s because we are born that way, or we have a ‘guardian’ stick with us all the time.

I recently know about this when I was about to sleep. It was about 2 in the morning. I had just reached home from work and was about to sleep when out of nowhere, someone told me not to sleep first but go and take a shower. At first i thought, what the hell, maybe i am tired and my mind is playing tricks on me. So i went on my plan of sleeping. I manage to get a good sleep when i had this dream of someone whom i didn’t know gets possessed.

I dreamt i was in a hostile environment and this person kept looking at me with his fiery red eyes. It was going on for about a few hours when he suddenly came towards me. He looked as if he was trying to get something from me, when out of nowhere, a terrible shout, like someone in terrible pain, was all i heard. And a huge gust of wind blew to my face, even though it was hot. I quickly woke up, with sweat drenched all over my body, as if I had been running. I suddenly realised that it was time for the morning prayers.

The next morning, I told my mom about this. She said that I was nearly being possessed by an entity so evil. She also told me that I had a ‘guardian’, some being who guards me from any evil doing. It has been with me since I was born. It follows me anywhere and she scold me for not following its advice.

From then on, everytime i went home late from work, I make the initiative to was my feet coz u never know who or what might be following you…. I also found out that all of my family members had their own ‘guardians’ as well. And I heard that someone had been murdered at the stairs beside my house. No wonder my partner, Syahida was so afraid….

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