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Lady’s spirit

This story happens when I was about 23yrs old.

One morning @ 0200hrs after midnight show, I realised that I forgot to bring my house’s key. When I reached my void deck(Blk 228 BBC) I felt a ghast of wind behind me. I shruggged it as a normal early mornin’ wind. I pressed my door bell a few times and when my dad open the door he looked first at me then behind me! I quickly get into my house.

Then in the morning @ 0800hrs, I tried to wake up(working) but I couldn’t because my head was aching. I asked my dad to apply some ointment to my head. What actually happened was my dad saw a lady dressed in Chinese opera costume(RED). She looked pale and distressed. Seconds after that she disappeared. Upon hearing the incident, I was shocked/scared and felt sick for 2 days. From that day onwards, I will never go home late.

My advice to all; not to enter the door when you just got home late at night. You should rest outside for about 3 minutes before entering.

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