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Orchard Mrt

Well, i wouldn’t wanna commend how true this story is, only those who is reading this and had experienced this will know.

Due to certain reason, this particular police office had to be station at a certain bank at Orchard MRT for a few days till the wee hours in the morning. He was warned by the lady bank officer that the male toliet was haunted.

Of course he did not take it seriously. That very night, he went to the toilet at about 11pm, where the shopping crowd had ceased. During the mids of releasing himself, he heard someone crying in the next cubicle. He perised his ear to hear, indeed it was a man, sobbing. Immediately he came out of his cubicle to check things out. The next cubicle was locked and the sobbing continous.

Without much further investigation, he rushed out if the toilet and crash head on to the MRT station control officer. Without asking what had happened, the station control officer told him to be calm, as what the police officer had experience is very normal.

According to the station control officer, if anyone had work long enough at Orchard MRT, would have know this story.

Occassionally, this upset male spirt will turn up at gent’s toliet and hide in a certain cubicle to cry his heart out. Nobody knows the story that had upset this poor spirit.

But GUYS if you are interested to find out, you can visit that toilet, try your luck and see if you can find out why the spirit is so upset.

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