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Cat Vampire

This is no ordinary fact. It happened when I was in primary 6. As far as I know, this is a story concerning about my worst nightmare….

The sound of thunder hit the entire classroom and all the pupils in xxx primary school. The past few days had been bright & sunny but all of a sudden, the weather changed into one of the most terrifying thunderstorms Jurong ever had. “Ssss! (my name)! Want to come over to my house today? I’ve got a surprise for you,” Sylvia, my best friend, whispered to me. We both had the same common liking and that was CATS. “Sure! Anyway I’m bored stiff at home alone,” I replied. That was a lie. It was just an excuse to get away from my tuition.

“RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!” Went the bell. Weepeeeee! School’s over!

“Hellow Aunty!” I greeted Sylvia’s mum with a smile. “Oh hi honey! How’s school today?” Sylvia’s mum replied with a sweeter smile than mine. ‘Honey’ was the name given to me by Sylvia’s mum for she said I was as sweet as honey.” Fine!” I replied.”

“Come on! Don’t u want to see what’s the surprise, Sylvia whispered. Sylvia and I went into her room. As soon as we got in, she locked the door. She went to her cupboard where she kept all her clothes and took out a box. ” OH MY GOD! Wherever did you get the cat? It is the most cutest kitty I’ve ever seen!” Saying that, I lifted the white haired kitten out of the box immediately. It was wonderful to cuddle it. I felt as if I had carried the most cutest and softest cushion in the world. But when I looked into its eyes, I saw two deep dark red eyes. I was so shocked that I dropped the kitten immediately. Sylvia quickly snatched it up and said, “Hey watch what you are doing!” It was then I realized that slyvia’s complexion was extremely white!

I said,” Sylvia! That is no ordinary cat! It’s a demon! My mother once told me that if you ever ever see a cat that is totally white or black in colour with blood red eyes, you will know that it is a cat spirit!” I knew this because I had a very superstitious mother, that was why my mother always hated me to bring cats home and forbade me to keep cats. Sylvia shouted, “Nonsense! Your mother is a crazy woman! How can cats be demons!” This made me real MAD! Any one could criticize me but not my mother!

“Sylvia Tan Wei Ling! I’m never going to friend you again!” Saying this I picked up my bag and stormed out of the room. “Bye Aunty,” I said as I walked out of the door not looking back. The next day, Sylvia did not come to school. As I was still angry with her, I didn’t bother. The next day, Sylvia came to school, she was as white as a sheet of paper. Out of concern, I asked her was she sick. She turned to me with weary eyes and said, “(my name), I have something to tell you…..I…..I…..I” but she never got the chance to say what she wanted to.

She closed her eyes and as if fainting, she tilted her head as if sleeping. I was then that I had noticed two small but visible red dots on her neck. And Right before my very eyes, they faded away! At once, I tested her breathing. There was no air sucked in or breathed out. I was stunned. She was dead. I knew that it was the cat’s doing. It was a horrible cat vampire! That day , she was admitted to hospital.

The doctors found out that her blood inside her body was very low in content. Still they could not find out the reason of her death. Only I knew this secret and I will keep it inside me forever. To all cat-lovers: I was also a cat-lover. But after this incidnet, I don’t think I will ever love cats again. So please be careful.

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