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It happened 2 me 9yrs ago. I’ve just delivered my 1st child but I did not follow any ‘pantang’. The ‘pantang’ was advised by my parents that we are not allowed to be out from the house only after 44 days. But being too ‘modernized’, I decided to go out instead, 18days after delivering.

I’m out shopping and went to visit my sister in KK Hospital & reached home around 11.15pm. At around 11.50pm, I’m getting ready for bedtime. Just abt to doze off, I heard my baby crying. I thought it was his milktime, when suddenly I heard my hubby shouting “Say some prayers” & started chanting some prayers right into my ear.

After I’m ‘awake’, I’ve realized that I was on the bed crying & struggling. All my family members gathered around me to calm me down. My hubby told them that I was being possesed & I was climbing my son’s babycot with my hands stretching, ready to strangle him. But luckily, my hubby was there & getting ready to take his nap. I wonder what will happened if my hubby was sleeping at that time as it happened at 12 midnite sharp? Nevertheless, I’ve learnt my mistake to be extra careful & never disobey any ‘pantang’ from our parents.

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