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Soul Sisters

There is something bothering me now…there is a place which is said to be haunted…tat place was at ECP(near bedok jetty..) Here goes….:

My family and i was there camping and i brought my friends along… It was about 9.40pm and my friend, Diyanah, wanted to go to the ladies and asked me to follow…As i was kinda bored..i asked all my friends(there was about 7 people friends..) Then when i was mum shouted out at me to come back soon..i ignored her and walked off..

We talked about my birthday party and suddenly, diyanah screamed.. I asked her wat was wrong..She said tat she had forgotten to call her sort of “boyfriend” called Idris…Then she laughed out loud..

I walked off wif Nisa and i looked up at the trees there..My brother(Faez) asked wat was wrong..and i asked him to looked up at the trees..He looked up and we saw a lady sitting on one of the branch..I was terrified and asked everyone to just go back to the camping place…

I hushed my mum to come to me…and told her wat happened..She then told me silently tat she had saw it first but only kept quiet about it..Tat was why she asked me to come back quickly…

I said sorrie to her and i told my friends to go and sleep… Tat was my story…It was told tat at tat place a woman had commited suicide…

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