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Melody of the Guitar

This happened in a school somewhere in Clementi.

He loves to play the guitar everyday in his class whenever during breaktime or lunchtime. Anyone who passes his class would surely be hearing him playing the guitar so he is known as the guitar-boy.

No one can’t miss him at all. Everyone in school knows him even the teachers. He’s popular because of his guitar playing.

But one day unfortunately, the students get to find out from the teachers that he commited suicide. Not in school but in his own residence. He jumped out from his high storey flat and immediately died on the spot.

What a sudden death. The students were told by the teachers he commited suicide because of some family matters that he can’t handle anymore.

So now, whenever any student, who is lucky, passes by his class, that student would still be hearing the same guitar sound clearly as if someone is playing the guitar in that guitar-boy classroom although there is no one inside and the classroom is absolutely dark.

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