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The Playground At Blk 190a

I moved to Sengkang when i was 11 yrs old. There is a playground nearby. A few weeks after i moved there, i thought of bringin my younger sis there so that she could play.(it is becuz it is boring in sengkang). I sat down on a bench and watch my sis play when suddenly it looks like it is gonna rain, so i called her to go home now but she said that she is busy making frends. I was so shocked when i heard it as there was no one around except for me and her. I thought it was her imagination as she was only 3 yrs old then. I ask her to introduced her ‘frend’ to me. I pretended to say hello to her ‘frend’ whom she said was standing beside her. I heard a respond and shivered. I was so scared that i juz ran off pulling my sis.

After a few months , I told my neighbour and she told me that it was a girl who had died there 3 yrs ago. Since then, i dare not go there anymore as i already knew why not much children play there.

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