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The Cik Pon At The Towel Hanger

This is the first time i got this experience…the story goes…….

That day I slept at my living room by myself…That time i was living at Boon Lay…On that particular day, it was at 9pm…That i felt the chill on my spine…I can feel the coldness that makes my hair stand…i ignored it cause i don’t believe about ghost that time….I force my self to sleep…

At 12.45, i woke up to do my small i went to the toilet..Then suddenly when i got out, i saw some kind of white cloth…i looked up at the towel hanger and saw that thing brushing about her hair..I tried to shout but i can’t…I just tried to….but i still can’t….Then that thing looked at me as though it heards the sound from my throat….Her face was that ugly that i cried…I force my legs to run to my parents room..Luckily their room is not lock..I went crying and woke my parents up..I told them what happened…My mother was curious but my father laughed….

The next day, i had a bad fever..that i had to lay down on bed…I did ask my father why did he laughed at me but he said nothing..Till now i don’t know the reason…..The curiosity about my father is still playing on my mind…Now i don’t dare to sleep at the living room or go to the toilet late at night….I still feel the chill…

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