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This incident happened to me when i was in primary 5. It was 5.45am in the morning on wednesday. It was nearly our morning prayer. I was sleeping soundly in my room together with my younger sister. Suddenly my mum woke me up. It took me seconds to get awake. When i was wide awake, i found something very strange. I could only see my mom’s head. But that did not bother me as it was quite dark. But she was grinning from ear to ear. She told me to wake up and get ready for school. She also told me to pray. She said that repeatly. Than she was gone. I sat at my bed for a while as i was too tired.

The kitchen light did not on. I was confused. Why mom did not on the light like she always did after she wake me up? I went out and saw that everything was quite. I checked my parents room. There, sound asleep was my mother. I went straight to my room and went back to sleep. About 20 minutes later i was waken by my mom. But this time it was my real mom. I knew that because she went straight to the kitchen and made breakfast for me. I ask my mom if she the one who woke me up but she said no. I was shocked by the answer.

The next morning, i told my uncle who is a great believer in islam. He said that it migt be a angel as it told me to wake up and pray. But he said it mihgt also be a devil as it wore black outfit. So who do you think it may be??

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