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The 6th Sense

Its all started when i was a kid, I used to have nightmares. That time, I lived in a HDB apartment in Ang Mo Kio. Im just a normal kid, but strange enough im not afraid of the dark like other kids do! The moment i stare in the dark, i could feel my heart beat pumping fast continiously, altough i didn’t feel scare at all.

As day by day passes by, I ingnored it until i was 15, that was around 3 years ago when i was walking home from teban garden where i learned Silat(a malay martial art). I passed by blok 411, its around 11.30 at that time, usually there will not be anyone around at that time, but this time i saw this malay man, whose age on his late 40s talking alone. He look really like he was talking to someone altough there was nobody around him. At first i taught he was crazy, but when i look at him again, i took a deep breath and saw he was actually talking with 2 pontianaks. I quickly pray some verse from the Holy Quran in my mind to stop my heart from strembling. I walked straight to the bus stop without turning around. Since that day onward, i can see these things whenever i took a 2nd look, Thankfully Allah s.w.t my ability to see these things had made me to be a religious person.

My advise is, not to fear with this things, fear only to Allah s.w.t as he is the one who creat these things…If you always got this in your mind, ghost, evil spirit, blackmagics spell and many other evil things will not dare to come near you!! insyaallah

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