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The Amulet

My friend’s mate had just finished the night walk through the jungle during his BMT when he realised that he had lost his paper yellow-coloured amulet he had with him. He wanted to return to the jungle to look for it but not surprisingly, was not allowed to by his officer. However, he was given permission to look for it the next morning.

Morning came, he immediately set off with his sergent to look for his amulet along the stretch of trail they went through the night before. He found it – but what was left was a blackened, burnt amulet.

When the incident was related to his parents, a Buddhist monk was consulted. He explained that there is a good guardian spirit in every blessed amulet. The spirit’s powers and abilities varies. For my friend’s mate’s case, the monk explained that during his walk through the jungle, there was an evil force attempting to harm him. His guardian spirit was not powerful enough to ward off the evil force, thus it released itself from him and sacrificed itself in the attempt to save my friend’s mate.

The advice the monk gave was if your amulet dropped, do not pick it up…

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