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Beware of your MIRC Scripts

I’ve read several stories about people’s haunted PC. Well, I’ve had a totally bizarre experience with my own about a few months ago.

I spend most of my lazy nights in front of the computer. I would spend hours chatting on MIRC, which is also what many teenagers do nowadays. As we all know, MIRC would not be as much fun without the use of MIRC Scripts. I started downloading lots of them.

It was after I downloaded a certain script that made my computer pretty freaky. I can’t really remember the name of the script, but I think it was something like ‘Life Suxx Script’. You see, I would always listen to my mp3s when I am online. Several nights, my PC would suddenly hang, and there would be a piercing screeching sound coming from my speaker. I always ignored it and it didn’t freak me out not one bit. However, it got weirder and weirder every time I went online. My computer would constantly hang and the screeching sound would not stop unless I turn off the speaker. The screen would suddenly go blank and when the window came back on, it would either be upside down or the words would appear in a strange font. Some sort of a creepy, ancient font. A few nights, a weird window (something like the ICQ chat) would appear in the middle of my monitor. One night, the word ‘HI’ appeared on the window. I responded to it by saying ‘Hi, who are you?’ Our conversation went like this…

Stranger: I CAN SEE YOU
Me: What the fuck???? Who is this?!
Stranger: I CAN SEE YOU
Me : *Silent*

The moment the last words appeared onscreen, I switched off the monitor and hurried out of the room. I returned about 15min later, and the window had disappeared. I thought that it might be someone playing a prank on me, but HOW? I could not explain it myself. Must be some kind of a computer geek who’s gotten through my server and played a little joke, I thought.

The screeching sounds still remained unsolved. The strange thing was, my sister who often used the Internet, did not experience the same thing when she was online. At one point of time, I began to get rather frustrated. However, I didn’t inform my dad about it as he would only ban me from using the computer. I simply continued chatting for hours practically every single night. I was pretty much addicted to MIRC, despite the strange things that happened to my PC.

I was online one evening when the CD compartment of computer started to go in and out by itself continuously. At that moment, I knew that my computer just might be haunted. I totally panicked and frantically gave my close friend a call. I was fortunate that she was staying at the same block and she hurried over immediately. She was just in time to witness the screeching sound from the speaker. Well, unlike me, my friend was rather calm and was certain that it had nothing to do with my PC being haunted. We restarted the computer and she helped me view all the files in the desktop.

Sure enough, something was pretty strange. You know the MIRC Script I mentioned earlier — the one I think is called ‘Life Suxx Script’? There was an unfamiliar file found in the script. It was entitled ‘Drug’. Well, from the sounds of it, I freaked out and begged my friend to take a peek into the file. She bravely opened it and shrieked! I only got a two-seconds glance of the picture – a girl lying on a bed. It was more than that, actually. I’m just too frightened to describe it any further.

So my friend helped me delete all the MIRC Scripts I had. Most of them had those freaky names like Devil Script, and Demon Script. I was glad to get rid of them. Now, I am using the Scoop Script and so far nothing strange had occured. Nothing weird happened again after that. Strange huh?

Well I know, my story is a bit confusing. And some might even laugh and think it’s all bullshit. For all I know, it’s no crap. Even I myself cannot explain it. It might be a virus on my PC or something. But how’d you explain the screeching sounds. And what about the CD compartment going in and out by itself without me going any near the ‘open’ button? And the picture of the girl? I’m pretty sure I hadn’t accepted any pics from anyone online. How did it get into my computer?? There has to be a logical explanation to all this confusion going on in my computer — IS THERE?

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