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The Balcony

I’m a S’porean but mi parents bought a house in JB. So now I have 2 homes!?


It was bout 3:30 a.m. I n mi mum was alone sleeping when we were awoken by the sound of sum1 noking on the balconi’s door. The house was a bungalow. Aniways we thought it was mi dad but when mi mummi checked whether it was realli my dad or not, guess what! It wasn’t him, if it was , there would be a car parking near the small garden. When mi mum told mi bout it, I was shocked.


I immediately called mi dad n told him wat happened. He too was shocked. I gave the phone 2 mum. She was cryin hysterically. Mi dad told us dat he was on the way back home. The door was shaking uncontrolly. We were scared. The first thing on mi mind was hantu kum kum. But mi mum told me dat it wasn’t. We took 2 baseball bats n decided to use it as weapons. The door was a see through kinda slidin door. Luckili there were curtains.


At first I didn’t noe wat mi mum was doin but then I realise that she was triying to see who or wat was out there.S he on the balkoni lights n off the house light so dat if it was a person, there would be a shadow, but…………..OH MI GOSH!……….no shadow but still noisi n loud knocks!!!! It was a ghost.


Soon mi dad came home. Wait a minute, isit really mi dad,(heng ah) Yup it is, legs on the ground. But when he came in, there was a foul stench. DID IT COME IN………….NO. Guess wat, mi dad did not smell it onli mi mum n me.

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