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Before i shift in to my new house in osaka(japan), my mother told me not to go to the field opposite our house because she says something bad will happen to me. So i listen to her but not long.

One day, she went out to have buffet with my father, i didn’t want to follow because i really want to go to the field opposite. So after they left i went to the field.

When i reached there, i felt a wind past me and i heard a woman and a child calling my name. I went to search who was calling my name. I turned around but saw nobody. I felt scared. I ran back to my house and heard the woman and child called my name again. I went straight to my bedroom trying not to think anything.

One hour later, my parents came back. I told them about it. They scolded me and told me that there was an accident there. A woman calling her child but a car crashed into into the field and where she was standing and she died. Her child heard the news and was shocked to death. So i never went to the field again.

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