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Pontianak In Maternity Ward

The day was getting darker and darker as it was at night. Some nurses were doing their duty. One of the nurse was at the maternity ward.(Operation room for the pregnancy) She saw a lady, sitting in the hospital bed. She thought that the lady have just had her operations. As the lady was tired to go out of the bed. So the nurse ignored her, and do her own work.

She was facing back. The lady called her to feed her baby milk, but the nurse was concentrating doing her work. After finishing her work, she turned around and she saw the lady was eating a box of uris. A sort of lantestine. There was a box of uris down the bed. Which wanted to throw away when it is full. The lady’s face was filled with blood. The nurse screamed as loud as she could and ran out of the ward. She never again stay late at night to do her duty.

This story was told by my mother. She heard it from her young sister, who is also a nurse. And this story was at K.K hospital…..

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