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Who Can It Be?

It happens when I am around 6-7 years old and at that time, my grandfather passed away and its after the funeral. It was around 7-8pm at night and my whole family was watching TV. Just then there is a knock on the door. I went to answer it but was stopped by my mother.

I looked around that most of my family members including a brother (I don’t know what happened to him, I was told he ended up in a home or something) of my father are present, if all are here, who could it be outside? I called out, who it is, there is no answer and the knocking just gets louder, but no one opens the door. At this point I was curious and goes and check it out by the closed windows (even though it was fogged design, I can’t see any shadows moving, I usually can see shadows of visitors because the corridor is lit right infront of our doorstep). The knocking stopped after that, without a word….

At that time, my mother told me it is a vampire, as a kid , I let it pass. Now as I grew up, I know its more than that, it could be someone we know returning from the dead or the “mad man” which me and my friends usually spy on, living on top of our floor.

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