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The Haunted House

This incident happen at my old house at West Coast. It happen around midnight. Old folks usually believe that if we hang out our clothes at night, we will tend to see more unexpected ‘things’.

This is how the story begins, at around midnight it was raining heavily and my mum had no choice but to bring the clothes back inside. At that time i was staying in the 11th level. At that very point of time, when my mum was looking out of the window, my mum saw this ‘thing’ hanging. My mum stood rooted to the ground..When suddenly the ‘Unexpected’ face pop out and scare my mum. She shouted and wake everyone up.

The day after the incident happen, my mum went around asking if they had experience the incident. Then this granny said that she have been seeing things since she start staying here. That granny had stayed at that block much longer that us. She then said that there this woman who killed herself because her husband keep bitting her up. It is said that the spirit is looking for her husband to take revenge of all the suffering but her husband is no longer staying in this block and ‘SHE’ is still loitering around searching..

‘BEWARE’ don’t ever hang out clothes at night…

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