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Thailand Hotel

Hi people, this is a story i would like to share with you guys… Cuz this experience happened to me when i was on vacation in thailand. Believe it or not.. it happened..

It started all when i was to the toilet to bathe in the bathtub to relax my ass off.. Then when i was suddenly lying down in it.. to my horror.. the lights were turned off.. I heard some kinda generator shit which had an engine sound slowly being turned off.. but i didn’t really care.. Then i shouted out to my brother who was sick and sleeping in bed.. I said “Oei, kor u turn off the freakin lights issit?” He replied “No lah” so i said “Ok”.

Then.. when everything was on again.. then when i was enjoying the bath.. suddenly everything repeated itself.. Argh~! i was twice shocked then before.. This time.. i could not “tahan” meaning “take it” i ran out of the toilet.. half naked with my towel covering my balls .. Then i jumped into bed straight away..

After a while i felt like peeing .. Then i saw the door shadow slowly moving.. Damn! i didnt dare look any further and juz slept.. My brother too saw something white fly pass him.. but he was sick.. so he didnt give a damn really..

Till this day, i wonder what the heck was in there.. That experience was really shitty.

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