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What Is That?

It happened recently during the school days. I was the type of person who would not like to sit quietly at home.

That particular day, I was not suppose to go to school cause the teachers were having this particular meeting the whole day long. Being a ‘good liar’, I told my mom and dad that there was school. You may be wondering why and where did I went, right?

That morning I went to my partner’s place and had my breakfast there too. After breakfast, we slept till 12++pm. We woke up and watched some kids show. My partner was engrossed with watching the show, but me I was distracted by something in his parents’ room. The tv set was in the same line with his parents room, so that was why I was easily distracted by that something. That something was a white thing which looks like a bolster. It was jumping around in the room ONLY!! But I was shocked to death and cuddled inside my partner..He being curious, asked what had happened. I was quite annoyed because he was just too engrossed with the show but at the same time I was scared that I asked him to shut his parents room door. I told him that I’m going to tell him what had happened after we go out from the house. I pestered him to send me home on that dot.

Later, during the journey back home from Bukit Panjang(Senja) to Woodlands, I asked if his mom had ‘adopted’ something or was the house was haunted…and guess what was his answer?? He said YES! I told him what I had encountered at his home. He told me just to ignore the thing next time. It has already been 2 months I had not gone to his house since then. I guess IT was a POCONG!!!

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