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Angel Of Death

I work in one of the longest-standing hospital in Singapore. This story which I’m going to tell was encountered by my colleague.

That day, she was on night shift. It was a usual night shift for her and the other four staff. Except that on that night, the ward had a terminally ill patient who is on the verge of death. So every now and then, my colleague would check on the patient.

At 0230hrs, while she was making her round in that particular room; she felt as though there was someone standing and looking at her. She turned but it seems that ‘someone’ is invicible. She started to feel uneasy and so she called her partner to accompany her. When the both of them went into the room; ‘BANG!’ the toilet door close. And when they tried to open, the door is locked from inside. But in that room, the patient is the only one. Who else could it be?

Then at 0430hrs, the patient passed away. Could it be the ANGEL OF DEATH hiding in the toilet???? Nobody knows!

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