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Lonely Pontianak

We were detailed to guard an oil refinery around Jurong area. At one stage, we are either alone or in buddies. We worked at a 12 hours rotation and it was spooky when we had to performed night-shift.

One night -shift, at around 2am, ME and my buddy were on round to check our men. As normal, we checked the generator room, which were manned by 2 snipper, on the roof top and 12 level.

We were going up when suddenly, I saw a lonely figure sitting on top of the generator, about 3 meters high. It was total darkness. I turned my head to her direction, she was wearing all white, with long hair. I was suddenly frozen, unabled to call my buddy. I can’t even utter a word, as though, I was hynotised by her.

At that moment, I cound see her wrinkled, scally old face. She was smiling to me as if she was welcoming us. Finally I was abled to recite some holy verses from the Quran, and told my buddy to leave the place in a hurry. I told him I had a stomachache as I do not want to terrified my men.

Till this day, I cannot forget how she stared at me, as though she felt lonely.

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