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My cousin was doing his national service when he heard an adsolutely horrifying tale.

During the seventh month, one of the camp guard saw a toilet light switched on in one of the blocks. As it already 3.30 a.m, he went upstairs to check. The toilet was empty. So he switched the light off and went down. But as he looked up, he saw the light on again. This occurred a few times, but every time he went to switch off the light, he couldn`t find the culprit. He was about to go and complain to the duty officer when he heard tap running. Hoping to catch the culprit this time, he rushed into the toilet, only to discover that someone had left the tap on but he was nowwhere to be found.

This made him rather uneasy, and he told himself that he was imagining things. Thirty minutes later, he saw the light again. Fuming, he charged upstairs. This time he heard a hoarse voice singing happily, somewhat off-key.

That was the last starw. He charged in and started to kick open the closet doors one by one. When he reached the last door, the singing stopped. In anticipation, he kicked open the door – and promptly fainted. What did he see? A grinning soldier hanging by a rope and the floor covered with blood.

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