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Granny’s Funeral

This incident happened back in ’95 during my beloved granny’s funeral. This happened at the void deck where the songka(funeral) was. It was 1+am and i was still burning the incense paper as i wanted my granny to keep on getting money to accompany her in the netherworld.

My cousins were sitting with their friends at the tables playing cards. I was buring the incense paper halfway when suddenly i heard loud, vigorous knocking coming from the coffin and i was just beside it. That really scared the hell out of me. It was as if the coffin may burst open anytime. I didn’t run, i rose up and quickly passed the papers to my cousin and asked him to take over the burning. I panickly rushed to the lift and i’m alone. I went into the lift and hoped nothing would go wrong and i felt that the time spent in the lift was exceptionally long and i really felt a cold rush. I quickly got out at the 6th floor to go into my uncle’s house. There i saw everyone in slumberland. The weird thing was i didn’t sleep, i just couldn’t. I involuntarily went to take all my cousin’s true ghost stories books(by rusell lee) and started to read on the sofa. That’s weird cos i never want to read these kinds of books a 2nd time. But i just read, didn’t feel too scared but felt a bit of comfort!

Then I looked at the clock on the wall and it was ard 3+am. I closed my lids for a while. A few moments, i heard sounds of someone in the kitchen, wearing slippers, going into the toilet. Then, flushing of the toilet was heard and i opened my eyes to see who was to come out of the kitchen. Which sleepless one i thought. But you know what? I waited. No one came out of the toilet at all. I continued reading until the next morning and there’s still no trace of that particular someone.

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