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Who Is On the Line?

This incident happened a few months ago. It was around 10pm at night. I was alone at home, watching television. The phone then rang. Without looking at the caller ID, I picked up the phone and said “Hello?”. No one answered my greeting, but I only heard a Chinese song, the kind that is found in Chinese operas. Thinking it was a prank call, I put down the phone and resumed with my television watching.

Again, the phone rang. I picked it up again and greeted. And again, no one replied. This time, I could only hear a man reading some verses of the holy Qur’an. I hung up, feeling a little afraid. I looked at the caller ID, and found that there was no phone number for the two calls. Not even a “PRIVATE” or “OVERSEAS”.

The phone rang – again. I decided to tell the person off, I was getting annoyed by this. I picked up the phone angrily. There was silence. It sounded unearthly. A few seconds later, an eerie voice came on (and I swear that it definitely wasn’t human): “Watch out before I catch you…”. The line then went dead. I hung up and tried to think of a logical explaination but to no avail.

Fortunately, after this, there were no more unidentified eerie calls. I wonder who or what had rung me and why…..

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