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Sarimbun Camping Experience

It was the first day I had a camp with my friends organised by our school Chongzheng. Around a few hours after we reach Sarimbun, we had lunch with my friends. Around 7:00pm after having fun activities, we went for our night hike. It was located in the forest so our instuctor told us that we had to go in pairs by ourselves. As me and my friends were scared, we started to talk in low tone. Then my friend said that he did saw a white object flying past him. I told him not to talk rubbish as it was a Friday night. Muslims believe that Friday night is for all ghosts so I told not to speak to me unless it is really real.

After a short while of walking, I and my friends saw a white beautiful looking woman sitting. As we were curious to know who it was, we decided to take a closer look. I was shocked to see that the woman’s eye were missing. We quickly went back hurrying towards our instructor. We told our instructor what we saw and he replied that almost everybody had heard of the woman sitting. We were so scared that the crew members did not enter the forest.

Beware to all campers or readers, this might happened to you…..

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