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The Real Vampire

Do you people believe in vampires? I’m sure you don’t. But in any case, here is something I want to share with.

There is a real vampire I know in Jurong. Actually, he is just like any normal person. The only difference he have from humans is his psychic ability to read and somehow control people’s mind and you will feel lethargic when he stares at you. From what he told me, real vampires are actually normal human beings but because they are called as ‘real vampires’ is because of the way they absorb their energies. M(abbreveiation of his name) is mostly a psychic type vampire. He revitalise his energy from people’s Qi energy.

So becareful when you are with someone and suddenly you feel tired. He is choosy in blood type because he only takes AB+ as according to him it is the sweetest and only takes blood from people he know 1 in every 3 full moon. Like I said he is just like us, he do not have fangs, he live and die and he can walk in daylight although he is rather sensitive to hot weather. He is pretty cool but has a dark aura around him. You will know him if he do not have a variety choice of colors in his wardrobe except for black, red or white. Thinking of it, perhaps Russel Lee must be one of them considering that he always cover his face, wear gloves and sunglasses and always wearin dark if not, black clothes.

It’s been 3 years since I saw him. Rumours or stories have it that he is in Japan and others in England. If any of you have any encounter with a vampire, please submit your stories. Maybe you just met the descendant of the ‘Singapore Vampire’ himself.

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