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Angry Ghost

I am the type who don’t believe in ghost. When friends tell stories about ghosts, I will just say “bullshit, now modern lah, all of u still believe in ghosts”.

During the hungry ghost festival, the chinese will put offerings near void decks area. So one day, on my way back home from school. I kicked a joss stick situated under my void deck. I always heard from my friend that if anyone had kicked anything at the void decks( the food & joss sticks), will have to say sorry to the ghost at that area. I just hack care as i don’t believe in all this stuffs. These are all superstitious.

Then from that day, I felt very restless as though someone is following me all the time. Even my studies slacken because of this. Evey night I would feel that someone is around my bedside. After telling my parents about this, they brought me to a man who is capable of knowing this things. The man told me that I had kicked the joss sticks near the void deck. The ghost is angry that I kicked the sticks and did not say sorry. So they followed me whereever I go. The man then read some words that I don’t understand and told the ghost not to follow me again. He too warned me not to kick around again.

After that day, I dare not kick any offerings for the dead during the hungry ghost festival. I always be careful when I walk under flats.

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