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Unforgetable Experiences

It were school holiday, i and my frenz feel bored and decided to explore the school. Everything went fine. Then we decided to play hide and seek. I and two of my frenz went to the forth floor. While, the other two which is the one who need to find us were in the third floor.

In the forth floor as we were passing the toilet, we hear someone closing and opening the cabin door. We though that there were no one except us in the forth floor. So we went to look. The banging sound went continuously. When we went inside, we saw all of the cabin door were swinging by themselve. We got frighten and ran to the third floor. We saw one of the frenz that were supposed to find us were helping the other as she had fallen down and her mouth was bleeding. We helped them and quickly make ourself to the canteen as soon as possible… They told us that no one was with them at that time…..but one of them were being pushed by someone while the other was looking for us. And that is when we saw the banging of door incident. We were too scared to say anything. My fren who have fallen down has broke her teeth. We went to bury the teeth somewhere secret……….

After a few month, the teeth went missing… What has happen??? No one knows!!!!!!!

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