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I had never believe in ghost stories that all my friend had told me. One of my best friend told me not to walk short-cuts as it will lead u into trouble but i didn’t believe her so i just ignored what she had told me.

Then one nite as i was really late to go home(it was about 11.30 p.m.), i had no choice but to walk near siling secondary school. When i was walking there, the hair on my back of my neck started to stand up. There were goosebumps on my hands. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a pretty woman standing near the siling school gate. I was so scared at that time but with or wihout choice, i still have to pass the school gate.

When i was getting nearer, my heart was pounding real fast. When i was near her, she started to call my name and she started to laugh loudly. I was so scared that my legs could not move at that time. She started to show her real self. Her face was so ugly that i vomitted. I pray loudly from the holy book of quran and she started to dissapear slowly. As she was disappearing, i saw that her body had a hole and inside there was a baby crying and i noe that she was a pontianak but i kept repeating the verses until she was gone. After she had gone, my leg could move and with the fastest speed i ran home.

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